5 Keys to Childlike Faith

by Shane Stanford Recently, our church hosted a series of sermons titled “Family Matters.” The series raised important issues families in today’s world face. The series included conversations about marriage, singleness, extended family, and finances. One topic was the importance of children in the family system. Now, mostly, when people are asked to discuss children, […]

Pulse Check: October 17, 2016

Included in this week’s issue: Tweetable Truth Research Notes  Tweetable Truth Family’s Two Roles Family is the first place where we learn how to be loved and to love others. It is both the place of comfort and self-sacrifice.   Back to top  Research Notes Pot Will Take Your State to Pot Focus on the […]

The Pastor and Marriage

by Shane Stanford My wife and I married young—far too young, perhaps. Like so many young couples, we had stars in our eyes. But we were not naive. In fact, we married against the hurried backdrop of difficult circumstances. I was born a hemophiliac and, at age 16, discovered that my medicines were contaminated with […]

To the Pastor’s Kid: Behind the Mask (Part 2)

by Julianna Preble Fife Life as a pastor’s kid is very interesting. As a PK, it often feels like people are constantly watching you. Ever feel like you need to wear a mask to cover up who you are? Are you concerned that if people knew who you really are and how you really felt […]

Pulse Check: October 3, 2016

Included in this week’s issue: Tweetable Truth Wisdom from the Ages Sermon Nuggets Tweetable Truth A Requirement of Parenting Parenting requires someone being the parent! There’s no way around it.   Back to top Wisdom of the Ages The Power of Love “Love is a great thing, yea, altogether a great good; by itself it […]

Pulse Check: September 26, 2016

Included in this week’s issue: Tweetable Truth Sermon Nuggets Wisdom from the Ages Tweetable Truth Sin and Life If sin did not bring death, Christ would not have had to give us His very life. Sin is real, but so is Jesus.   Back to top Sermon Nuggets The Value of the Fallen Person …[E]vangelicals […]

To the Pastor’s Kid: Behind the Mask (Part 1)

by Julianna Preble Fife Ever feel like you wear a mask to cover up who you are as a pastor’s kid? Do you feel like you have to hide the real you? Growing up in a minister’s home, I felt like I was always smiling through the pain or putting on a great “Christian” attitude […]

Your School, God’s Mission

by Daniel Darling, Pastor and VP of Communications, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (ERLC) School. Come August, it dominates life in our communities. Midway through your Sunday sermon, mothers are already mentally compiling a list of things they need to do to get ready for Monday morning. Lunches. Homework. Sports […]

Pulse Check: September 19, 2016

Included in this week’s issue: Research Notes Staff Meeting Wisdom from the Ages Research Notes Are Married Men More Likely to Come to Your Church? Professor Brad Wilcox, a very good and long-time friend of ours here at Focus on the Family, has some important words to share from his considerable research on the importance […]

But the Grass Is So Green . . .

by Todd Gaddis The conversation jumped off to such a good start. “Pastor, I have some news. My granddaughter Candice got saved and baptized,” Lucille said. “I’m thrilled, and I know you must be,” I responded. “You should see the church they attend,” she added, armed with bulletin and newsletter. Creases formed across my brow […]